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   Discussion: 'Mainstream'church....
Rayancaleb · 8 months ago
Hi, Appearently rankled by the accusation of being a cult(nobody in a cult admits they are)I see the PBCC (formerly EB) now claim they are a 'Mainstream' church....this I find very interesting...see, out our way 'Mainstream' churches that got tax breaks and taxpayer funded government grants have been FORCED to come clean and ADMIT all manner of abuse that was purpetrated by them,issue PUBLIC APOLOGIES and ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY .....cost them MILLIONS in class action lawsuits,they didn't 'come to it' voluntarily,they were dragged kicking and screaming into court hired the best lawyers but finally faced with the mountain of EVIDENCE ,capitulated and finally admitted they MIGHT be able to begin the reconciliation process..... For more you can check this  2D Promotional Video  

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