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   Discussion: What was Isaac doing??
kevinmanuel · 6 months ago
  • Hi,
  • Genesis 24:63-64 describes the first time Isaac and Rebekah met. 
  • in verse 63, there is an obscure word, used only once in all the scriptures, 'of uncertain origin' -- it's whatever it was Isaac was doing in the field. ((לָשׂ֥וּחַ))
  • some translations say he was "meditating" others say "walking" and still others say "relaxing" . . . ? 
  • whatever it was, when Rebekah, riding through the place, saw him, she literally fell off her camel. 
  • the word isn't "dismounted" or "lighted off" ((sorry, KJV-only-ites, check your Strong's)) -- it's quite clearly "fell off." i take it a lot of English translators thought it would be more disrespectful to be faithful to the text than to suggest something weird was going on here, or that Rebekah wasn't a particularly skillful jockey ..? 
  • anyhow, what was Isaac doing that made her fall off her camel when she saw it? 
  • is this another example of humor in the Bible? ​
  • Please help.
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