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   Discussion: Galatians 2:20
kevinmanuel · 6 months ago
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  • Upon being born again, the new life of the God-man has come in (Col 3:4—NC), and it has not come in to supplement ours, but to supplant ours. It has not been given to make up for any deficiency in ours, but to displace it. When we say that Christ’s life is to displace ours, what do we mean? We do not mean that this life of the glorified One is to displace our personality. When I speak of our fallen life, I do not mean the human personality as such. I mean the poison which permeates our personality, the poison of sin (old man or Adamic sinful nature—NC) which has degraded, defiled and distorted our humanity.
  • This new life of Christ comes in to take place of the sinful life which is operating in our personality, and employing our faculties. The vessel is the same, but the contents are different; the same vessel, the same person, the same faculties, but the contents are different—the very human-divine life of the Lord Jesus is filling, interpenetrating, permeating.
  • If we do not maintain this scriptural distinction, we are going to come into another bondage, and many a child of God has. They see that it is plainly stated that it must be Christ. “Not I, but Christ,” and so they may quote the second chapter of Galatians, verse twenty, “I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I that live, but Christ liveth in me: and the life that I now live in the flesh I live in faith, the faith which is in the Son of God, Who loved me, and gave Himself for me.”
  • In this verse Paul refers to himself seven times, and he does not always mean the same thing. Sometimes he is speaking of himself considered as a created personality, and sometimes as a sinful personality. Therefore he says, “I have been crucified together with Christ.”
  • Now, what does he mean by that? Does he mean that he, considered as a mere personality, has been crucified with Christ? No, Jesus Christ did not die for us on Calvary, considered purely as personalities, but as sinners—as sinful personalities. I was crucified together with Christ in my capacity as a sinful being. That is what Paul means. “I” considered as a sinful being, have been crucified, and it is no longer I, considered as a sinful being that lives.
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