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Greetings Friends, 

It's amazing how time flies! This past April marked six months since my family and I were called to PMBC. I must confess, it has been an amazing journey. It has been amazing because our God is amazing, and you all are amazing. God is doing so many wonderful things in the life and people of this church. I'm confident our testimony is reaching farther and deeper than any of us could ever imagine. Therefore, I want to encourage you to find areas in the church where your spiritual gifts can be used. Seek ways to show the love and truth of Jesus Christ in your personal and social lives. God loves you and is desiring to do a great work in you and through you. My family and I love and appreciate you so much. We are excited about all God is doing here at PMBC! 

Blessings in Christ, 

Frank and Brooke Taylor 




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